GGSA Congress Parli 2 San Ramon

2022 — San Ramon, CA/US

The Golden Gate Speech Association (GGSA) is proud to host our third Parliamentary Debate tournament of the year, this time ONLINE on Saturday, January 7, 2022.

DATES & DEADLINES: See right side bar.

ELIGIBILITY: This tournament is open to all registered GGSA schools. Schools must have completed and submitted the2022-23 GGSA school membership form to be eligible to compete at this tournament.

ONLINE REGISTRATIONS & FEES: In addition to online Tabroom registration, coaches and judges must also check in by 8:00 AM on the morning of the tournament.

Entry fees are $15.00 per student.Make checks payable to GGSA and mailed to:
c/o Lowell Alumni Association
PO Box 320009
San Francisco, CA 94132

JUDGES APPRECIATION & EXPECTATIONS: Thank you for joining our all-volunteer organization in donating your time and energy to empower youth through speaking and listening!

*All judges must be entered on Tabroom and be familiar with the judge instructions and resources on the website; links to event-specific resources are on right side bar.

*All judges must have Tabroom accounts unique to them, with cell phone numbers and email addresses.

*Please have access to a fully charged device (s)--laptop, tablet, and/or smart phone--to use to complete electronic Tabroom ballots. Good to have a backup. Laptop and tablet are better as they are easier to use, but it is still possible to use a smart phone.

*Parli Judges: Please briefly fill out the paradigm in a 2-3 sentences or phrases, i.e. your judging experience and philosophy if any, so Tab staff can better support and place you at this and future tournaments. You'll find the "Paradigm" button on the right-hand side in Tabroom, under "Judging."

*Please address the above matters in advance of the tournament. Dealing with them on Saturday morning delays the start of the tournament and causes everyone to go home later.

*All competitors and judges must have their Tabroom accounts linked to your school. Please see this video for the procedure.

*When you enter your judges, be sure that you do so using the same email address that judges use for their Tabroom account.

*Make sure that all judges know the email address and password for their Tabroom account. It is a problem when coaches or students create a Tabroom account for a parent judge.

*Please make sure your judges and their technology are ready to judge. In the event of a judge being unable to judge an assigned round, Tab staff reserves the right to substitute the coach from the school as the judge for that round.

*Per league rules, each school is responsible for providing an official coach/chaperone listed on your GGSA Membership Form and Tabroom in addition to your judge quota. All coaches will be assigned tournament duties. Coaching assignments will be sent out to schools once registration is completed. If you are sending a coach or an official chaperone other than the one listed in Tabroom, please complete the second coach contact information section on the "general" tab when registering entries.

Vy Linh Nguyen--Parli Director,


Divisions: Coaches may exercise their discretion to place a debater in Novice, JV or Varsity. GGSA bylaw: "A novice debater is one who 1) is in their first year of debate and 2) has not finished a GGSA debate tournament with an undefeated record...A team with an undefeated record in Novice or JV must move up to the next division for future tournaments."

Additionally, mavericking and three-person teams are permissible only in Novice or JV, but more as an exception than a general practice, and usually to solve a problem, such as a partner getting ill last minute. Schools should not have more than one such instance in the permitted division. Neither option is allowed for Varsity because one can then qualify to state via the Varsity path.

New novice rules: Novice teams have 30 minutes of prep time, with 5 minute constructive speeches and 3 minute rebuttals (555533)

New Judging requirements: Please provide one judge for every three teams, or fraction thereof (e.g. 4 teams = two judges).

New internet policy: Students may also use the internet, computers and devices but ONLY during prep time. NO real-time communication or research during the debate is allowed. In the Novice Parli division, debaters may consult with teammates or other debaters at the tournament during prep time.

New evidence rule: "In Parliamentary Debate, debaters should primarily rely on logic and general knowledge. They should not cite published sources during the round. Judges should enforce this rule by giving a claim supported by a citation the same weight as they would give a claim not supported by a citation. Violations of this provision are not protestable."