SCC Interesting Motions Tournament

2022 — Online, TX/US


Round 2 and 3 will flip sides

TH prefers a world in which the USSR, as opposed to the United States, arose as the sole global Super Power following the Cold War.  



TH, as a developing country experiencing economic turmoil and overpopulation, would implement a one child-policy


Rounds 1, 4, 5, Potential Octos, Semis and Finals are all IMPROMPTU rounds!  


If you'd like an idea of what our impromptu motions are going to look like, these are some impromptu motions that were debated in the Worlds School Division of Space City Camp this past summer:

  1.  TH would abolish private schools.
  2. Assuming science advances this far, TH would grant AI and clones and any other sentient, artificial life forms, full rights of citizenship. 
  3. TH regrets choice feminism.  
  4. INFO SLIDE: In the 2006 hit Anime & Manga “Death Note”, a journal falls from the sky and into the hands of a student named Light Yagami. He discovers that the journal has the ability to kill anyone when the user writes their name down and thinks of them. Despite still being human and a mortal, Light Yagami develops a god complex and believes he is the leader of the new world and wishes to create a world without crime or war, he calls himself ‘Kira’. He begins to mass murder alleged and convicted criminals, leaders and war generals until 70% of crime rates drop globally and military conflict becomes virtually nonexistent. But after being pursued by state officials, Kira routinely engages in the killing of innocent people (police officers, investigators, and civilians) to protect his identity and authority. 

    Society lives in fear of Kira’s rule, while some support his unrivaled power— regardless, they all stay in line out of fear of being killed. 
    THW actively oppose Kira's authority.