Heart of Texas Invitational hosted by St Marks

2022 — NSDA Campus, TX/US

Online entry designation

To identify your entries as online you need to check a box on each team/debaters' entry tab.

Click on your tabroom login email in the top right hand corner, then clck on Heart of Texas Invitational, then click on "entries", then click on the edit button for the individual team or debater, then click the box next to "Entry will compete online".

This is only necessary for VCX and VLD since they are the only two hybrid events.

If you would like a visual aid click on the page on the right hand side of your screen labeled "Instructions for noting an entry is online"

The process is the same for judges. Click on the "judges" tab, the click on the edit option for the individual judge, then click the box "Judge will judge online".