San Angelo Central Bobcat Bonanza Swing TFA and NIETOC

2022 — San Angelo, TX/US

Cross-Entry Guide

Cross Entries: Each Student can enter in 3 events per PatternStudents in Congress are allowed to Cross Enter in ONE IE on Pattern B (this can include either Extemp). They will enter at their own risk.  A Student can only enter one type of Extemp. Students in LD/PF/CX Can NOT Cross Enter on that side of the swing. 


CX, LD, PF: May not cross-enter in any IEs on the same side of the swing


Congress: May cross-enter in ONE IE event on Pattern B. CROSS ENTER AT OWN RISK


Extemp: May enter only one type of extemp 


Individual Events: May cross enter in 3 events per pattern. Unless in Congress, then only One IE Event in Pattern B. 



Blue Pattern A- Duet, DI, Prose, IMP, INFO, OO

Blue Pattern B- Duo, HI, Poetry, DX, FX, POI

Orange Pattern A- Duo, DI, Prose, POI, OO, INFO

Orange Pattern B- Duet, HI, Poetry, FX, DX, IMP