NPDL Fall Invitational

2022 — NSDA Campus, US

Elimination round side/motion procedure

Elimination rounds will have three topics. In those rounds, the tournament will follow the East Coast procedure for selecting side and motion (resolution):

1. If the motions have not been made public, the Judge reads the motion(s) to the two teams.

2. The Judge flips a coin, and one team calls it. The winner of the coin flip decides whether that team would prefer choice of motion or choice of side (if only one motion, toss is for choice of side).

3. The team that has the right to choose the motion as the result of the coin flip picks a motion.

4. The team that has the right to choose the side then makes its choice of Government or Opposition.

The two teams may mutually agree on the motion or choice of sides rather than go through this process.
If the two teams are present and have the motions, they should go through the process of choosing motion and sides before the Judge arrives and begin prep immediately.