Mid America Cup

2022 — West Des Moines, IA/US

**NEW**!!! As of 9/24, you can pay fees ONLINE

GOOD NEWS to any schools that haven’t yet paid for the Mid America Cup and are hoping they can somehow pay online via credit card!

Literally yesterday, we received information that we can now accept payments to the Friends of Valley Debate through our high school’s fund-gathering site. Follow the directions below and you can pay fees for the Mid America Cup online.

My sincere apologies to teams that wanted to pay electronically and have already processed checks. This option only just became available to us, and I wanted to share it as quickly as possible.

use this link:


You’ll be paying us via the debate fundraiser link.

This is currently labeled “Debate Camp Fundraiser,” but that will soon be edited. This link is our parent boosters’ generic fund-gathering site.

In the NAME field, enter the school name and “Mid America Cup 2022.” Enter the amount you owe in the AMOUNT field, then click ADD TO CART. Then click on the CART link, then click PAY.