Mid America Cup

2022 — West Des Moines, IA/US

Independent Entry Requirements

The Mid-America Cup does allow independent entries.

 1) All entries must represent an accredited, degree-granting public or private school.

If entries are coordinated by another organization -- a parent group, private coaching group, etc. -- all students who attend the same school must be entered as teammates.

This rule has two important implications:

(A) There cannot be hybrid teams in policy or PF debate; all partners must attend the same school.

(B) Students / teams must be constrained from debating those students and only those students who attend the same school. For the purposes of registration and pairing, students will be treated as teammates of all and only those students with whom they attend the same accredited, degree-granting public or private school. 

2) The home school coach and administration must be aware of and approve the participation of all independent entries.

3) All teams must list a responsible adult as their main contact on Tabroom. This responsible adult must be on call and available to communicate with tournament staff about any issues that arise.