National Speech and Debate Tournament

2022 — Louisville, KY/US

Top 14 Speakers in World Schools Debate

The following speakers should be present at the Final Round of World Schools Debate to receive their speaker awards:

Brett Banks Heart Of Texas White
Diego Castillo Space City Violet
Janise Chiang Taiwan Red
Ferial Dagher Big Valley Red
Carlos Estimbo Space City Purple
Daniel Hearne Heart Of Texas White
Andre Joseph South Florida Gold
Anish Kataria San Fran Bay Gold
Hannah Mott Kansas Flint-Hills Blue
Chris O'Brien Chesapeake Crimson
Will Ryan Rocky Mountain-South Violet
Siddharth Satish New Jersey Indigo
Talonah Sterling Carver-Truman Blue
Karam Weigert Chesapeake Crimson


Congratulations to all students!