The Meadows Invitational

2022 — Las Vegas, NV/US

Entry and Fee Information

Entries must be made by Coaches or Administrators for schools. Student Accounts May Not be used to enter the tournament. We have been forced to delete entries found to be made from student accounts. Independent, hybrid entries and entries from private corporations are not allowed.





In both varsity divisions, there is an initial entry limit of Four (4) entries per school. Additional entries from a school can be admitted as space permits. We are attempting to be flexible with entry limits, while still maintaining a humane schedule and appropriate elimination rounds.






Judge Requirements:


In Policy, one judge may cover two entries.

In LD, one judge may cover three entries.


As our tournament attempts to provide national circuit level competition, we ask that all judges have national experience and be qualified in their event, subject to our approval. Please do not enter Parent or lay judges. Please do not make us ask you to replace your judge.


Varsity debaters can judge Novice divisions, provided they are experienced Juniors or Seniors. If you enter varsity debaters as judges, you Must mark them as students, to prevent their misplacement.


All Judges will be required to have a judging philosophy sheet available on You MUST enter one on Tabroom to judge at the tournament.


An Extremely limited number of hired judges will be available for $400 each. Please contact us at by Sept 16 if you need to hire judges. Hired judges are first come/first served – we have not always been able to fulfill late requests.


All judges are committed one round beyond their school’s elimination.





Fees will be $100 for a Policy Team

Fees will be $50 an LD Competitor


There are No extra Late, Drop, Hotel or School fees or Nuisance Fines added on.


Please make checks payable to The Meadows School, NOT to Tim Alderete or Malcolm Gordon.


You must send checks to Tim Alderete, Meadows Debate, 8601 Scholar Lane, Las Vegas NV, 89128. We do not have the capability to accept credit cards payments online.