The Meadows Invitational

2022 — Las Vegas, NV/US


Students, coaches, and judges will be required to provide Proof of Vaccination. If someone cannot be vaccinated for medical or religious reasons, they will be required to have a negative COVID test within three days of the start of the tournament through a coach affidavit. Coaches will be provided with a link for a google folder where they can provide proofs of vaccination or affidavits. Masking will be encouraged. 


I want to make the Proof of Vaccination as easy as possible for you. If you have photos, scans or photocopies of vaccination cards, you may email a zipped folder to me, share a google folder of them with me, or put them in a folder with your school’s name on it into a google folder I have created at:


If you would prefer to avoid sharing a copy of them with us for privacy reasons, you may bring them with you to the tournament and show them without us keeping a copy. If you plan to do this, please have the coach for the school email me prior to the tournament attesting that the coach has verified the vaccination cards. If you have a student who is not able to receive a vaccination due to medical or religious reasons, please have a coach contact me to attest to it – we don’t need the medical letters or forms, just the word of the coach is good for us.