The Viking Voice Invitational

2022 — Middleton, ID/US

COVID Protocol

This tournament will follow the COVID masking protocol adopted by schools in D3. 

Tournament COVID-19 Policy and Guidelines

These policies will be in effect for the in-person tournaments until restrictions or guidelines change that will allow for in-person, unrestricted events.


Schools will follow their own school’s guidelines and policies regarding travel to and from tournaments. Local hosts will have no input or say on how competitors, judges, or coaches get to or leave from local events.

Arrival at Schools/Venue

Upon arrival at the host school, students, coaches, and judges will be required to mask upon entering the facility. Coaches will be responsible for monitoring and compliance with this policy. 

On-Campus Masking Policy

While on the school campus, competitors, coaches, and judges will wear masks in the following ways:

1.    While in common areas (cafeteria, auditoriums, gymnasiums, hallways, or other mass-gathering location in the schools), masks will be worn.

2.    While in the competition space (classrooms or other spaces utilized for the tournament) masks shall be worn until the competitor speaks. Judges shall be masked in the competition room.

3.    Once the competitor speaks, the masks should be reapplied.

Awards Assemblies

All those in attendance at an award assembly (competitors, judges, and coaches) shall wear a mask for the duration of the assembly. Those being recognized for their events may remove their mask while on stage for pictures but shall return to masking once their event is announced and before they return to their seats.

Concessions/Judges Lounge

Those in charge of running and selling concessions as well as providing food in a judge’s lounge shall be always masked and wearing protective gloves.