2022 Blacksnake NIETOC

2022 — Pocatello, ID/US

Novice Policy

Please visit Isata.org for your Idaho Debate Code (IDC)

In Novice Policy, we would like to keep novice restricted to making a limited set of arguments, but will not be restricting their use of evidence to the evidence provided in NDCA or the Idaho Novice Packet. We feel that students will benefit from doing research and cutting their own cards to ensure that their arguments are up to date and pertinent. There is a link to a folder with a combination of NDCA and Idaho Novice Packet Evidence to help novice and ensure they all start with the same materials: Blacksnake Novice Resources

The topic areas are: Agricultural Runoff; Ban Fracking; Replace Lead Pipes; and Wetlands

Negative may include: Federalism; EPA Overreach; Business Confidence; Topicality; States CP; Environmental Managerialism K; Settler-Colonialism K