Mountain View Toro Country Classic TOC Congress and IE NIETOC

2021 — Mesa, AZ/US

Judge Instructions


If you're signed up to be a judge at the 30th Anniversary Toro Country Classic, first off: THANK YOU! It's really important work, and a service to the community and the students, and we are deeply appreciative.

Second, whether you've judged before or not, we ask that you please watch the videos below. They will walk you through the process of judging online using Tabroom and NSDA Campus, and give you some helpful tips for being a good judge and giving good feedback. The final video is some implicit bias training provided by the student-led organization Beyond Resolved. This is a useful video that will help you to make this a safer, more welcoming space for everyone. The total time for all 4 videos is about 1:30. We know that's a chunk of time, but we believe it's INCREDIBLY important that you engage with this content.

Once again, we request that ALL JUDGES (and coaches) watch these videos, please. If you need assistance during the tournament, the first question we will ask you is "have you watched the videos" - if you have not, you will be instructed to do so, and the ballot assigned you will be reassigned, and your school will be fined.  

Judge Training #1 - Setting up a Tabroom Account (link - click here)

Judge Training #2 - Accessing and Submitting Online Ballots (link - click here)

Judge Training #3 - Tips for being a Good Judge (link - click here)

Beyond Resolved - Implicit Bias Training for Judges (link - click here)

Once you have finished, please complete this brief 10-question quiz. 

2020 Judge Qualification Quiz (link - click here)

Thank you again for your time, and for watching these videos. We believe that it will ease your difficulties, and make for better judging and feedback for everyone. 


Meg Howell and Katherine Thrailkill