Mountain View Toro Country Classic TOC Congress and IE NIETOC

2021 — Mesa, AZ/US

After Dinner Speaking

Abbreviation ADS
Format Speech
Entry Fee $6.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry

Event Description:


The After-Dinner speech generally is designed to entertain or to satirize. It should be structured as any speech would be and not as a monologue or stand-up comic routine. While it is basically humorous, the After-Dinner speech can offer some serious thought or comment on its subject.

1. Competitors will be required to submit the links on

2. The After-Dinner speech may be on any subject, provided it is in good taste, but it is usually designed to entertain the listener. The speaker may have a subject of light or semi-serious nature, but he/she should project a light touch of satire or an amusing representation of truth.

3. It should not be a monologue or collection of jokes, but a well-organized speech.

4. The speech must be the original work of the student. No more than 150 words may be quoted from another source. Any quoted material and ideas which are not original with the student should be cited in the speech.

5. Contestants are required to submit a copy of their speech to the Tournament Director prior to the contest with a signed statement verifying the originality of the work.

6. Visual aids are prohibited.

7. The speech must be memorized.

8. The maximum time limit is five (5) minutes with a 30-second “grace” period.