Wayne State George Ziegelmueller Invitational AKA The Ziggy

2021 — Online, MI/US

Payment Instructions

Payment Instructions for Wayne State / Ziggy 2021


1.     Make sure your invoice on Tabroom is correct. 

2.     Send your payment by check or credit card:

a.     By Check: Write a check to Wayne State University and mail it to: 

Wayne State Debate

c/o Sydney Pasquinelli 

415 Lakewood Street

Detroit, MI 48215

b.     By Credit Card or Debit Card: Submit your Fees via PAYPAL:


Write your school’s name in the subject line please!

3.     After I receive your payment, I can check it off as “paid” in tabroom.com, allowing you to generate a receipt automatically that matches what you paid. 

4.     If you need a more formal receipt, I can produce an invoice for your institution.

5.     Please contact me if you have any questions or issues with these methods (sydneypasquinelli@gmail.com)


Reminder of Fee Schedule

$60 / team competing 

$50 / hired round (if you hired directly from us)

Dropped entries after 10/19 pay 100% Fees