Holy Cross Navy and Old Gold Debate and Speech Exhibition

2021 — NSDA Campus, LA/US

Tournament Schedule

*All times are CST. Please double check your time zone and adjust accordingly.




Round 1: 4PM

Round 2: 6PM

Round 3: 8PM


Round 4: 10AM

Round 5: 12PM

Round 6: 2:00PM

Elim 1: 4:30PM

Elim 2: 6:30PM

Elim 3: 8:30PM

***Please note that rounds cannot begin until after 1:00PM on Sunday, in accordance with the Archdiocese of New Orleans

Elim 4: 1:00PM

Elim 5 (If necessary): 3:00PM


***We have removed patterns.

The following events will have 3 rounds and a finals: Extemp, Impromptu
The following events will have 3 rounds and finished: OO, DI
OI will have 4 rounds


Extemp Draw: 5:00
Round 1 all events: 5:30PM

Extemp Draw: 7:00PM 
Round 2 all speech events: 7:30PM


Extemp Draw: 9:30AM
Round 3: 10:00AM

Extemp Draw: 12:30PM
Finals: 1:00PM