Bentonville Tigers Eye

2021 — NSDA Campus, AR/US

Forensics Tournament Information

 Individual Event Sectioning and Breaks:

  1. Prepared Forensics Events will have 2 asynchronous prelims and 1 synchronous prelim. This means that all videos will be due on Monday, September 27th at 4pm.

  2. Asynchronous judging will be handled during the week leading up to tournament weekend on Tuesday, September 28th and Wednesday, September 29th

  3. Extemp/Impromptu will only have 1 synchronous prelim 

  4. Preliminary sections will consist of up to 8 entries.  Students have the ability to multiple enter, but should be aware that rounds won’t be held if they are late or unable to make all their rounds. 

  5. Videos will be utilized for the live prelim round if there is any pre communicated conflicts or technical issues. 

  6. Duo Interpretation will be recorded either using the same area side by side or split-screen. For the live rounds, duo interpretation will be performed live side by side using the same camera. 

Patterns will be:

Pattern A: , Dramatic Interp, Original Oratory, Duo Interp, Prose

Pattern B:  Humorous Interp, Program of Oral Interpretation, Informative Speaking, Storytelling, Poetry

Pattern C: International Extemp, US Extemp and Impromptu


Individual events with more than 100 total entries will break the top 40 entries to quarter-finals. 


The top 4 from each quarter-final round, or top 12-16 from events with fewer than 100 entries, will break to the semi-finals.


The top 3 from each semi-final round, or the top 6-8 from events with 20 or fewer entries, will break to finals.