OCSL Parli Congress Quals

2016 — CA/US

Congress Legislation

A Bill to Mandate Paid Family/Adoptive Leave




2   SECTION 1. Upon Family/Adoptive leave request, the individual will receive six weeks paid 

3                         leave from their employers. 

4   SECTION 2. The definition of “Family Leave” is: “A period of approved absence for the 

5                         purpose of dealing with the birth or adoption of a child.” All public and private 

6                         employers will have to oblige. 

7   SECTION 3. The United Stated Department of Labor will oversee this bill. On every 

8                        occurrence a company does not provide six weeks paid family/adoptive leave 

9                        when requested, that business will be fined $10,000 each time they are not 

10                       being compliant. 

11   SECTION 4. The implementation of this bill will be in one year after passage. 

12   SECTION 5. All other laws in conflict with this bill are declared null and void.


A Resolution to Remove Further United States Funding for the International Monetary Fund


1    WHEREAS, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a global banking institution 

2                       meant to help nations develop and recover from recessions; and 

3    WHEREAS, the IMF acts as a global loan shark which uses its absolute control over the 

4                       structuring of loans to accumulate debt from other countries; and 

5    WHEREAS, the IMF uses its influence to open lines of trade that are often destructive to a 

6                       nation’s natural resources and the environment; and 

7    WHEREAS, the United States is the largest contributor to the IMF and grants it over 

8                       17 percent of its funding; now therefore, be it 

9    RESOLVED, That the Congress here assembled shall no longer pass any further United States 

10                       funding for the International Monetary Fund


A Bill to Ban Banning 


1  Section 1: No public school in the United States or its sovereign states will be permitted to ban, 

2                        limit, or withhold any literature or photographic material from its library or media resources. 

3  Section 2: Library or media resources include books, pamphlets, informational pamphlets and 

4                       literature, newspapers, dictionaries, encyclopedias, photographic databases slide 

5                       projectors and slides, and other fiction, non-fiction, historical, or opinion-based works. 

6  Section 3: Violations of this legislation will be punishable by a $500 fine per "resource" withheld and

7                       held on file with the State Court System as a misdemeanor. 

8   Section 4: Limitations may only pertain to the internet, computer networking, and email 

9                       operational within the school and its programs. The school may withhold pornographic 

10                     material, defined as obscenity that has no serious literary, artistic or scientific value.  

11                      Punishments of accumulated misdemeanors will remain subject to the laws of each 

12                      individual state, but may result in a reduction or denial of state funding

13  Section 5: All laws in conflict with this piece of legislation are hereby declared null and void.


Presidential Candidate Bill 


1   Section l: Candidates running in the presidential election cannot campaign before 1 and 

2                       1/2 calendar years prior to the presidential election. 

3   Section 2: Any candidate caught campaigning before that 1 and 1/2 years period will not 

4                       be considered a candidate for that year's presidential election.

5   Section 3: A donation cap of 25 million dollars will be placed on any candidate running in a 

6                       Presidential election. 

7   Section 4: No candidate can receive donations from any organization if that donation 

8                       puts them over the 25 million dollar cap. Any candidate caught accepting donations

9                       putting them over the donation cap will not be considered a candidate for that year's 

10                       presidential election. Any candidate who spends more than donation cap will also not be 

11                       considered a candidate for that year's presidential election.

12   Section 5: All laws in conflict with this piece of legislation are hereby declared null and void.


A Resolution Concerning Customer Credit Abuse


1   Whereas, our materialistic consumer mentality has prompted Americans to buy now and pay later,

2                       and

3   Whereas, credit has become easier and easier to acquire, and 

4   Whereas, more Americans are finding themselves in debt beyond their ability to repay, and 

5   Whereas, stricter regulations imposed on personal bankruptcies have done little to stop credit abuse 

6                       and has not curbed escalating personal financial ruin, and 

7   Whereas, consumers have blamed predatory lenders for their financial situation and expected the 

8                       government to come to their rescue, and 

9   Whereas, poor credit habits often start when young adults model their parents' spending habits, 

10                       therefore, 

11   Be It Resolved by the Student Congress here assembled that: 

12                       all school curriculums include mandatory credit and personal finance education to 

13                       teach young adults the importance of understanding credit use and risks, end 

14   Be It Further Resolved that: adults who suffers bankruptcy or credit abuses that impact ability to 

15                       effectively manage money must undergo mandatory credit and personal finance counseling, 

16                       subject to regulation by an appointed consumer credit advisor for two years before they can 

17                       acquire any government subsidized credit.