Arkansas Forensics and Debate State Championship

2021 — NSDA Campus, AR/US

Judge Requirements

You will owe the following obligations - 

1 Judge Per 10 IE Entries 

1 Judge Per 5 Debate Entries 

1 Judge Per 5 Congress Entries


Drops after Monday, March 29th (Judges and Entries) - $25 

Missed Rounds during Tournament(including missing from judge pool)- $25 

Missing Judges - $60 

Drops made after the entry deadline but prior to online registration are $25. 

Drops made during the tournament or post online registration are $35. It’s the coaches responsibility to confirm their entries. 

We’ve divided the obligations up to equal $60 - You must mark your availability. If you don’t do this and then are assigned a round you are unable to judge, that is the same as a ‘missing round’ fee which is $25 per ballot. 


(Thursday - Free - but individuals with WSD and CX entries need judges)

(Friday - $30)

(Sat Morning - $15)

(Sat Afternoon - $15)



(Asych Prelims - $20) 

(Thursday/Friday Asych Semis - $10)           

(Forensics Saturday Asych Finals - $10)                                              

(Friday Live Extemp/Impromptu-$10) 

(Saturday Live Extemp/Impromptu- $10)