Heart of Texas

2021 — Dallas, TX/US


Please pay by credit card after the tournament. Credit card payments are currently suspended but availability will resume on March 6


Once you receive an email receipt forward it to me and I will take your entries off the waiting list.

Virtually everything is $50. Entry (in any event)? $50. Hired judge per round? $50 except in varsity LD which is $75 because it is really hard to find good LD judges for hire. I've heard that some people didn't want fees lowered because that would risk their future budgets. If that is your situation let me know and I'll adjust your invoice to whatever you want. If you hosted any St. Mark's teams this year and charged us less let me know and I'll reduce your fees. 

Fees will freeze on Feb. 1 so we can order rooms from NSDA campus.

Our business office prefers that we pay vendors via electronic check. If your business office prefers the same please have your business office email our business office: ap@smtexas.org

If you prefer to pay via traditional check please make it out to:

St. Mark's School of Texas

10600 Preston Rd.

Dallas, TX 75230

Attn: Tim Mahoney

Once you submit the paperwork to have payment processed send me a copy of that paperwork and I will let your entries off the waiting list.