Heart of Texas

2021 — Dallas, TX/US


How many entries do I get?

Every event but VCX and VLD is unlimited entries. VCX we will do our best to let every school have one entry. Each school can enter all their teams with 500 or more Baker points. After Jan. 15 I will take a look at entries and potentially release some entries that have less than 500 points. Remember if y'all ask for six entries a piece none of your 4-2s will clear. I'd like to make sure that every school that wants to enter gets at least one VCX team but I'd also like to keep the field under 80 teams so we will see what happens....

In VLD we will cap entries, if necessary, to ensure that a significant number of 4-2s will clear.

What events are you offering?

We are only offering LD and Policy this year but do plan to hold novice, jv and varsity divisions of each of those events.

What topic will LD use?


Can we hire judges?

Yes, but don't go crazy. In exchange for the opportunity to get multiple entries you should be providing multiple good judges. 

Are there requirements for judges?

Yes. Bring good ones. I think the rule of don't bring judges you wouldn't pref. Another good rule of thumb is do they have a paradigm posted on tabroom and does it show they have judged at least 10 varsity debates. If not, then find someone better.

Yes, you can enter seniors to cover your novice entries but, again, if they aren't people you would want judging your novices then find better judges.

Can I complain about the judges other schools bring?

Yes, but I'd prefer you email them directly and just cc me. 

Can we pay via credit card?

Yes, in fact we prefer that you do so. Please click on the "Fees" page for more information. 

When do I have to enter my judges?

Please enter your judges by Friday Feb. 19 at noon pacific time so we can activate mutual preference on Saturday.

When will Mutual Prefs open?

Saturday Feb. 20. I will then receive a number of requests to change their judges so I will email everyone on Monday to double check their prefs because I was forced to make changes. Then I will receive another flurry of emails requesting changes to their judges. All as a prelude to the host of changes we will make during round 1 because of changes you were sure you made. Oh, wait I did that this year so I guess I shouldn't be whining about it....

Why are my entries still on the waiting list?

Some possibilities are:

You haven't paid your entry fees.

Your entries are listed as TBA.

You haven't provided confirmation from a school administrator that your entries actually represent your school. This is primarily an LD issue because I don't know that many of the schools. Please have the school email me something like:

"This student represents our school, we are responsible for this student's participation  and we are aware that debates may be both audio and video recorded or livestreamed and our program's participation is in compliance with applicable school regulations and applicable state laws."

You have 10 entries and no judges.

How much prep time do we get?

CX = 10 minutes prep, LD = 5 minutes prep. 10 minutes tech prep for during round technical issues.