Lindale Invitational

2021 — Lindale (Online), TX/US

Asynchronous Upload Instructions

The IE portion of our tournament (except Extemp) will be conducted asynchronously via Tabroom. Competitors will record a video of their performance and provide a viewable link to their coaches. Coaches will upload this link in the Entry Details section on Tabroom (click the Edit button next to each entry from the Entry tab and paste the link in the "Link to performance video" box).  If you are uploading to YouTube, students/coaches should make sure that the video privacy is set to "UNLISTED" as opposed to "PRIVATE".  Students may also record via Loom, upload a file to Google Drive, or some other method.  But, students should make sure that their videos can be accessed/viewed by those who have the link.

Links to videos must be put into Tabroom by 7pm on Tuesday night.