The Paradigm Dowling Catholic

2020 — Online, IA/US

DUO RULES- Asynchronous

Competitors may not use green screens, virtual backdrops, on-screen text, or professional equipment enhancements such as professional lighting kits or professional grade camera recording and audio devices (including things like softboxes or using an auditorium’s lighting system) during their performance in any event.

Submissions or recordings may not be edited using any software; all submissions must be non-stop footage of the entire performance done through the permitted submission platform. The camera being used must remain stationary throughout the entire performance, and no zooming or panning is permitted.

Other individuals may be present while filming, but audience interaction (laughing, applause, etc.) must not be included in the performance. Competitors may determine how close or distant the camera is set up in order to maximize both verbal and nonverbal communication. If possible, it is recommended that students and judges remove items that may be distracting in the background. Backdrops of a solid color with no special markings may be used by competitors and judges.

Duo: Only split-screen Duo recordings will be accepted. Each partner must record their portion of the Duo from a different room (via a separate window) than their partner. Students may not record on two separate platforms and splice the videos together to be side by side, as that would constitute editing. Here's an example of a split-screen Duo recording.