The Longhorn Classic Online

2020 — Austin, TX/US

Novice FAQ

The LHC will not use Novice Packets in the Novice debate events.

Novice Eligibility: 

At the Longhorn Classic a policy team may enter the novice division if it meets one of the following criteria:

1.  It is the first full year of debate competition for both debaters. 

2.  Both debaters are still in middle school.  They have not entered 9th grade.

*Note: For a year of debate competition to count toward the novice quota the debater should have competed in at least 3 tournaments.

Novice eligibility clarification FAQ's

1.  If my 9th-grade debater competed in middle school debate and attended at least 3 debate tournaments do they have to compete in the varsity division?  Yes, we do not consider this team a novice. 

2.  If I have 8th-grade students who debated all 7th-grade year and attend 3 or more tournaments do they have to compete in varsity?  No, they are currently in middle school so they may stay in the novice division.

3.  If my 9th-grade debater debated in middle school but only attended two tournaments do they have to debate in varsity? No, they did not meet the 3 tournament threshold to qualify for a year of novice debate so they may stay in the novice division. 

4.  If my 9th-grade debater attended 1 tournament in 7th grade and 2 tournaments in 8th grade do they have to compete in the varsity division?  Yes, they have competed in 3 total tournaments during middle school so that counts as a full year of competition.

5.  Does attending a tournament in LD or Public Forum count toward my novice policy experience?  Yes, debate is debate.  While the events are different they share many of the same skill sets: flowing, line-by-line argumentation, calculating impacts, etc.  


Currently enrolled High School students are not considered qualified judges and MAY NOT BE ENTERED AS JUDGES, even in Novice CX.