Barkley Forum for High Schools

2016 — GA/US

Frequently Asked Questions

·      What is the best way to contact the Barkley Forum if I have questions or need to make changes?

Email is the best way to reach us:


·      To whom should checks for payment be made payable? 

Emory University.  A current W-9 for the university can be found here.

Checks should be mailed to Barkley Forum, Drawer U, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322


·      The website is telling me the application for one of my students is incomplete.  What do I do?

You need to enter the records for all your students so we can consider them for admission.

Member schools do not need to enter records if they are entering prior to the December 7 deadline, but after 12/7, Member Schools need to enter records for their students to be considered, as well. 


·      How can I tell if my students are admitted or on the waitlist?

After the December 11, 2015 admittance date, when you look at your squad on, the students have “In” under “status” next to their names are ADMITTED.  Students who have “WL” under “status” next to their names are WAITLISTED.


·      How will I know if students are removed from the waitlist and entered in the tournament?

When students are removed from the waitlist, an email is automatically sent to the email address on record with 


·      I would like to do electronic registration the morning of the tournament.  What are the requirements to do so and how do I do that? 

Your check for payment must be in the mail by January 15, 2016 to ensure we receive it in time for registration.  Please also make sure you are familiar with all the information on the website, as any changes to venues, etc. will be posted there.  

On the morning of registration, log in to your account, and click on your login name/e-mail address in the top righthand corner. Under the "tournaments" tab, click on the Barkley Forum for High Schools, and click the button that confirms you are here.  


·      I don’t have students debating in the Pelham Debates, but we have to wait until after the final debate in Pelham before the awards assembly is held.  Why?

The Barkley Forum for High Schools is designed to celebrate all forensics events.  The Awards Assembly celebrates speech and debate in all of its forms, and the tournament is one of the few tournaments that continues the tradition of recognizing that we are all part of a broader community celebrating the pedagogy of speech and debate that encourages students to critically engage their world and become part of a broader citizenry.  We encourage everyone who is able to attend the final rounds of all events to celebrate the achievements in all divisions; the Pelham Debates final round precedes the awards assembly because of the historical significance of policy debate to the Barkley Forum and as a way of honoring the memory of Mr. Thomas Glenn Pelham.


·      The registration deadline has passed and I just found out about your tournament.  What do I do?

Email the Tournament Administrator at and indicate which events you have students interested in entering. 


·      How do I hire a judge?

 If you are not able to provide a judge in an event, will automatically charge you for a judge hire, and the Barkley Forum staff will make sure a tournament judge covers your obligation.


·      Where do I find schedules?

All events have a separate schedule under the “schedules” tab on; they will be posted closer to the tournament date when rooms are finalized with the university.


·      Why can’t you publish the building locations for all events until so close to the tournament date?

Since our tournament falls very close to the beginning of the semester, we have to wait to get final confirmation from the university about rooms and buildings until after classes are underway.


·      I would like to be hired as a judge for the tournament.  How do I do that?

Email the tournament administrator at and indicate what event you are interested in judging. 


·      Do you have a judges’ lounge?

No, unfortunately, we do not have the personnel or the space to provide judges’ lounges