Barkley Forum for High Schools

2016 — GA/US

Judging & Fees


Each school will be responsible for furnishing competent judges in each event in which they participate. In an attempt to discourage hired judging, schools not furnishing a judge will be charged a fee. Judging requirements pertain to preliminary rounds. All judges are expected to judge in elimination rounds.  All entered judges are expected to be available unless the tab room has been informed otherwise.   If you are in the judging pool and fail to show up for your judging commitment, there will be a penalty assessed by tournament administrators.

Placing judges in elimination rounds becomes more difficult each year because judges leave once their school’s competitors are eliminated from the tournament without fulfilling their commitment to adjudicate one round beyond their school’s last outround. Directors are responsible for making sure that their school’s judges are available to fulfill their ENTIRE judging commitment, including making appropriately timed airplane reservations. We always try to release individuals as quickly as possible, but the tournament requires the highest quality judging pool possible even after any particular school is finished competing. Schools who have judges that do not meet their elimination round obligation may not be invited to return and/or will have their membership suspended.

Judging Requirements:

Pelham Debate              

Minimum 4 rounds for the first team and 3 rounds for each subsequent team (4 rounds for 1 team, 7 rounds for 2 teams, 10 rounds for 3 teams). An individual judging Pelham cannot judge anything else during the preliminary rounds. Please have all judges post his or her judge philosophy at


Minimum 4 rounds per singleton, 6 rounds for two singletons. The preliminary rounds are flighted, and one round consists of two flights. An individual judging Lincoln-Douglas cannot judge anything else during the preliminary rounds. One judge can fulfill this requirement. Please have all judges post his or her judge philosophy at

Speech Events                       

Minimum 1 full-time judge for every eight (8) entries or fraction thereof.

Congressional Debate             

Minimum 1 full-time judge specifically designated to judge Congress.

Public Forum                

Minimum 1 full-time judge for 1-2 teams; 2 full-time judges for 3-4 teams.



Please make all checks payable to Emory University.

         Judging Fees for Hiring Judges:

                  Pelham Debate                       $200 per uncovered team

                  Lincoln-Douglas                      $300 per uncovered singleton

                  Speech Events                        $150 per uncovered judge (per eight entry slots or fraction thereof)

                  Congressional Debate              $200 per one to eight uncovered Congress entries

                  Public Forum                           $200 per uncovered team

         Event Fees:

                  Pelham Debate                        $110 per team

                  Lincoln-Douglas                       $75 per singleton

                  Speech Events                         $65 per entry slot

                  Congressional Debate               $65 per entry slot

                  Public Forum                            $85 per team

         Penalty Fees:

In an effort to control delays in a tournament this size, we are being forced to impose a penalty for last minute changes. Last minute changes are those made after January 22, 2016!  Hopefully these penalties will not be imposed. The Barkley Forum feels that we must impose these so that the timely entrants are not penalized by those less organized.


                  Pelham Debate Cancellation                        $110 per team

                  Lincoln-Douglas Cancellation                       $75 per singleton

                  Speech Events  Cancellation                        $65 per entry slot

                  Congressional Debate Cancellation              $65 per entry slot

                  Public Forum Cancellation                           $85 per team



To prevent tournament delays we must INSIST that registration be completed (either in person or by e-registration the morning of the tournament) by 11:30 a.m. on Friday.