Bob Jones Academy 34th Speech and Debate Tournament

2020 — NSDA Campus, SC/US

How to Link Student Accounts

All students competing on October 17 must have a linked account to Tabroom.  Sometimes Tabroom fails to link accounts even though you might think it was done, so please check each student entry.  If an account is not linked, the student will not be able to enter the tournament in Tabroom on Saturday.

Here is how to link student accounts:

Do students have tabroom accounts?
If yes, do the following:
1. get the tabroom email from your student
2. log in to your tabroom account
3. click on "Competitors" tab
4. click on student name that is missing a linked account
5. enter email address at top of next screen and click "search"
    Student should now be linked

If no, do the following:
1. tell students to go to and click "Sign Up"
2. tell students to give you the email address they used to create the account
3. start with Step 1 in the section above on how to link students if they have an account