McMinnville Invitational

2018 — OR/US

 McMinnville High School 615 E 15th St, McMinnville, OR, 97128

Speech, Debate and Congress Tournament. January 27th, 2018.

Dear Forensics Director,

The McMinnville High School Speech and Debate Team cordially invites your team to the McMinnville High School Invitational Speech and Debate, and Congress Tournament on Saturday January 27th, 2018.

All current topics will be used.

Events Offered: Pattern A:, LDV, CX, Parli Debate, Public Forum

Pattern B:LIELL, Expos, Poetry, Extemp, Prose, Radio, HI, ADS, Poetry, DUO, OO, IMP, POI, DI, Big Questions Debate

Pattern C: Congress

Open Division only.

● Debaters may not Double enter any other Debate in that pattern. BQD is in pattern B, hopefully to allow more entries for attending debaters. BQD debaters may only do BQD in pattern B.

● Multiple IE entries allowed. AT THE SPEAKER'S RISK. Rounds will not be held or re-run for missed speakers. No more than 3 IES.

● Extemp speakers may lose prep time to to multiple entry. This is at the speaker's risk. Lost prep will not be made up. Extemp speakers are expected to understand and maintain their own schedules.


 ● Congress- Bring Legislation. Bring Copies. Congress Students may only enter Congress. Awards will be framed certificates for the top 3 places, and finalist awards as needed, Sweepstakes trophies for the top three school shall be awarded.

Debate: only five debate entries per debate event, with the exception of BQD, no limit on BQD.

(emails requesting more teams be allowed will be met with requests for

more judges from your school)

There will be a concessions stand open all day. There is a ton of food within a 3-4 block walk.

Registration is due Monday, Jan 22st by 5pm. Please recognize upon number of entries that exceeds our room space, entry deadline may be closed earlier, with short notice.

The only changes allowed on the day of the tournament are drops.

Any questions or concerns please contact me at: 503-550- 7729

See you Jan 27th!

School Fee: $25.00

Each IE entry (one duo team): $6.00 Each Debate (except BQD) $12.00 Each BQD entry: FREE

Please make checks out to McMinnville HS Speech Team


 Judge requirements: Please shoot for bringing one judge per 5 students. They will be well taken care of all day.


Courtney Walsh; 503-550-7729 (for a quick response, text, let me know who you are, still recovering from lost phone contacts)



Schedule for the Day (updated):

7:00-8:00: Registration

8:00-9:15: A1

9:00am: Congress Session 1

9:15-10:30: B1

10:30-11:45: A2

11:45-1:00: B2

1:00-2:15: A3

1:00: Congress Session 2

2:15-3:30: B3

3:30-4:45: Debate Semis

4:45-6:00: Pattern BF, BQD semis, ALL IE Finals 6:00: Possible ADS FINALs on stage

6:00-7:15: ANY needed DEBATE FINALS

7:15 or ASAP: AWARDS

Pattern A: CX, LDV, PARLI, PF