Mount Hood Community College Saints Invitational

2017 — OR/US



16th Annual Saints High School Invitational

November 4th, 2017

Hosted by Mt. Hood Community College

26000 SE Stark St. Gresham, OR 97030


          On behalf of Mt. Hood Community College Forensics Team, I would like to invite you to the 16th annual Mt. Hood Community College Saints Invitational.  We are offering a full-service tournament including individual events, Student Congress, and LD-V, Policy (CX), Parliamentary, and Public Forum debate.


o   Please plan to be checked in by 7:30am (not the typical 8:00am)

o   CX, PF, and LD will use current month topics provided by the National Speech and Debate Association. Parli will have a choice of three topics concerning domestic and foreign affairs from the past two months.

o   For complete descriptions of each event and rules, please refer to the OSAA speech and debate handbook.

 o   CX, PF, and LD will use current month topics provided by the National Speech and Debate Association. Parli will have a choice of three topics concerning domestic and foreign affairs from the past two months.



            Our tournament will feature the presentation of the Michael Ramon Padilla Top Speaker Award.  The recipient of this award will be the student who has earned the most sweepstakes points for his or her team.  This award is named after Michael Ramon Padilla who was a colleague of mine from Clark College and Portland State University.  Ramon was an exceptional speaker known for his leadership and was one who demonstrated impressive sportsmanship.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

(503) 491-7634


We look forward to welcoming you to our campus for a great day of great competition!



Shannon Valdivia                           Courtney Walsh                                          

Director of Forensics                     Tournament Director        


Registration/Tournament Information/Restrictions:

·        You can register your team on

·        Your Tournament Entry needs to be completed by

Monday October 30th. (Judges and Students)

Tuesday October 31th we will move to “drops only”

All fees (including judging penalties) will be assessed at this time.    

·         Restrictions: Register early to assure your place at the tournament.

We will close registration at 35 schools, or when we reach room capacity.

Schools can register a maximum of 6 entries per event. (novice/open counted together; For example, 3 Novice Poetry speakers+3 Open Poetry speakers =6)

Requests for extra entries will be considered but not guaranteed.  



 ·        Tab: Coaches and Judges should check in that morning at the

College Board Room located upstairs near the library.

·        Judges lounge will be in Conference Room. (same door as College Board Room

·        Students area will be in the Vista Dining Hall

·        Food services will are not available on site.

But plenty of eating options are within walking distance.





We wish to keep forensics affordable. We also wish to run an efficient tournament that doesn’t overwork the judging pool that is available. Neither of these goals are possible without each school covering its judging requirement.


Judging requirements:

o   Every school must bring at least 3 experienced full-time judges/coach.

o   Each judge covers 7 entries.

o   PS- anyone who can judge debate can judge CX. Requests to not judge CX will be considered. But not considered heavily.

o   If your judge can not attend all day, make sure to note it in registration. Only judges who are available all day will count as a “full judge”. 

o   An uncovered IE entry will be charged $10.00 and an uncovered Debate $25


Events will be run in accordance with OSAA and its rules toward proven excellence.



Event Patterns:


Pattern B:  LDV, PFD, PARLI, CX, and LIELL

Congress runs on its own schedule.


Multiple Entries and Conflicts:

The Ramon Padilla award is awesome. But time management is a part of the test.




Events will be run in accordance with OSAA and its rules toward proven excellence.

Novice will be offered in all events, and collapsed into Open division when size/room availability causes us to do so. Novice speakers in collapsed events will be recognized.




 Entry Limits

o   Students may enter a maximum of 3 events in pattern A.

o   Students may only enter in 1 event in pattern B. Policy Debaters enter multiple IEs at their own risk.

o   Students entered in Congress may not enter any other event.  


Students Entering Multiple Events:


o   Please explain to your students how to successfully and respectfully compete with multiple entries. This includes having someone check into rounds for them if they are double/triple entered and politely requesting to go first when appropriate. 

o   It is up to the student to attend their rounds in a timely manner.

We will not re-run rounds for students who fail to make it to rounds on time.

o   Extra prep time will not be given to Extempers.








The Day Starts at 7:00am


7:00am to 7:30am: Registration and Check-in in the MHCC Board Room


7:30am to 8:00am: Opening announcements for coaches & students in Vista DH

                                      Judges Training in the MHCC Conference Room


8:00am to 9:30:                 RD 1 Pattern A (Extemp Prep Starts at 8:00am)


9:30am to 11:15am:         RD 1 Pattern B


11:15am to 12:45pm:      RD 2 Pattern A (Extemp Prep Starts at 11:15am)


12:45pm to 2:30pm:        RD 2 Pattern B

2:30pm to 4:00pm:           RD 3 Pattern A (Extemp Prep Starts at 2:30pm)


4:00pm to 5:45pm:           RD 3 Pattern B


5:45pm to 8:30pm:           Pattern A and B Finals

                                            Finals may be rolling. Watch Postings


Awards ASAP:                     As soon as everything is clean.  


As always the schedule is subject to change.  Check postings often!!!  



Fees, penalties, and a small warning. 


School Fee: $30

LD Entries: $8

Public/Public Forum Teams: $10 each                 

C-X Teams: $10 each                                           

IE entries: $5 each

Duo Teams: $8 each                                                      

IE slots not covered:$10 each                              

Debate (LD, C-X, PF, Parli) not covered: $25

Note: Entry fees and judging fees will be assessed on your entry as it stands at 5:00 pm on Tuesday Oct 31st. 




Judges are a very valuable commodity.

·        So please register enough judges to cover your entries.

·        And please do your best to deliver any judge that you register.

·        Unexpected absences are a fact of life. Should that happen the morning of the tournament, we will be adjusting your invoices to better reflect the number of judges that you deliver.


More judges=less of a burden placed on any one judge/coach=happier judging pool=better feedback for your students.


More judges =a tournament that runs on time= less stress for all and better outcomes for our students.