OCSL Novice

2017 — Santa Ana, CA/US

Welcome to the Orange County Speech League's 2017 Novice Tournament, to be hosted by Century High School in Santa Ana, on Saturday, September 23rd.


800 N State College Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92831


A. Varsity HIGH SCHOOL students judging at the Novice Tournament WILL satisfy their participation requirement to be eligible to compete in the State Qualifying Tournaments in the Spring. A reminder though - only 11th & 12th graders are able to judge, as long as they possess sufficient experience. No Sophomores judging.
B. Novice eligibility has been tweaked from years past. We will have 2 classifications of events - Debate (Policy, LD, PF, Parli, & Congress) & Speech (All speech events).  A student is considered a novice in a category only if they have not competed in any events in that classification in the past at the HS level. Additionally, in order to be novice-eligible in either category, a student must be in no more than their 2nd year of competition at the HS level.  All Jr High entries are considered Novice in the OCSL. This may impact the way Invitational tournaments view your students when they enter high school. OCSL is not responsible for the Novice definitions and restrictions made by non-OCSL tournaments and organizations. 
C. This tournament is ONLY open to High Schools, and Jr. High Schools that reside in the Orange County. These schools MUST be real, accredited institutions, or home school institutions with a valid CBEDs number.
Examples: A junior who began their first year of competition last year as a sophomore and only did IEs during that year would be eligible as a novice in debate, but not IEs.  However, a junior who has debated since freshman year but has never done IEs would NOT be considered a novice in either because they are in their third year of competition overall. 
Principal's Designation Letter
Before any school is permitted to compete in any OCSL tournament, they must have a signed copy of the Principal's Designation Letter on file with the League.  This document confirms who is officially designated to represent each school as the official sponsor with the League, and who is authorized to represent the school as an official chaperone at League tournaments.  Please have your principal fill out and sign the letter, which can be downloaded from the front page of each OCSL tournament website, and return it to the league no later than registration of first League tournament your school participates in this year.
Speech & Congress will be first, beginning at 8:00, with Debate to follow at 9:30. Rounds will alternate.

Registration                 7:00am-7:45am

IE/Congress Round 1    8:00am-9:30am

Debate Round 1           9:30am-11:30am

IE/Congress Round 2    11:30am-1:00pm

Debate Round 2           1:00pm-3:00pm

IE/Congress Round 3    3:00pm-4:30pm

Debate Round 3           4:30pm-6:30pm

Awards                        7:00pm


Double Entry

Students CAN double enter.  A student may enter one debate event (CX, LD, PF, Parli) and up to 2 IEs. However, students participating in congress may only compete in 1 IE (Congress), not 2. Congress students can still also enter 1 debate event. 


We strongly encourage that schools bring their varisty students to judge at the Novice Tournament. Please see the above section on Eligibility for age restrictions. 

If a school brings adult judges, please enter judges under THEIR name, not as the name of their child. 

One judge can NOT fill both a debate and an IE obligation.  Attempting to double enter a judge will result in an uncovered judge obligation fee.

Judges will be in the active pool for all 3 rounds of their event type, and for 1 round of the other pattern.  For example, debate judges will be in the pool for all 3 debate rounds, and 1 IE round. Judges will be on standby for the other two rounds of their other pattern type. 

Entry Limits

All events will be initially capped at 10 entries per school in order to provide all schools with an opportunity to enter. Entries beyond 10 will be waitlisted and granted entry based upon available space.

League Dues Invoice

League Dues are $130.00 per school per year. This includes both the OCSL dues and CHSSA dues that the OCSL will pay to CHSSA. If the school is on the list of schools that rolled over their judge bond with CHSSA they only need to pay $30. If a school does not intend to join CHSSA or wishes to pay CHSSA on their own they must send a letter to the League President outlining this choice.  These are expected to be paid at or before a school's first OCSL tournament of the year.  An invoice specifically for league dues is located on the front page of each OCSL tournament website.  These dues only need to be paid once per year, not for each tourmament. In Invoice for each amount is provided to the right, please clarify with Sarah Sherwood as to which you owe.