Oak Hill Purely Policy Debate Tournament

2017 — Eugene, OR/US


Oak Hill School's 4th annual 'Purely Policy' debate tournament is now accepting entries.  Please see the attached invitation for full details.  As in previous years, we are offering five rounds of CX policy debate for all teams entered.  Due to the small size of our campus, we must limit the total number of entries to 32 CX policy teams.  Registration will close once we've reached that number.  We hope you'll join us in Eugene on Saturday, November 18!

UPDATE:  We have dropped the two-teams-per-division entry limit.

UPDATE 2 (revised):  Given the low number of entries in Junior Varsity, we have collapsed JV into Varsity.  Thus, we will have two divisions:  Varsity and Novice.

UPDATE 3:  Please do NOT bring any type of nuts, nut-butters, or other nut-based products to the tournament.  All of the classrooms in which debates will be held are not-free zones.