JW Patterson Invitational

2017 — Oklahoma City, OK/US

Welcome to the JW Patterson Invitational Debates!


Thank you for considering the JW Patterson Invitational during your busy travel schedule.  We will do our best to ensure you have competitive and enjoyable tournament experience.


This is the 7th year for the tournament and we have some exciting things to announce:


1. The tournament will now offer varsity policy, novice policy, varsity Lincoln-Douglas, and varsity public forum events.


2. We are a Tournament of Champions finals bid in varsity policy debate and Lincoln-Douglas debate.


3. The expansion of the tournament means we will host on two campuses: Heritage Hall School (policy rounds) and Casady School (LD and PF rounds).

It’s a short 5-minute drive between the two schools—right down Pennsylvania Avenue.


4. All teams/debaters in varsity divisions with 4-2 or better records will clear to elimination debates.


5. Judge prefs in varsity policy and LD.


6. Amazon Fire tablets for top speakers in each debate division! Change: Amazon gift cards--some of the tablets were out of stock so we are going with gift cards for the same amount as the tablets cost.


7. We have entry and school caps (Varsity Policy 70 teams, LD 120, PF 70, Novice Policy 20) in each division so register early!  


If you have any specific questions not answered on the website, please email us and we should be able to help you.


Bryan Gaston

JW Patterson Invitational

Tournament Director

Heritage Hall School

Head Debate Coach


405-210-3888 (cell)



Tommy Snider

JW Patterson Invitational

Assistant Tournament Director

Casady School

Head Debate Coach


918-845-7131 (cell)