Logan Will Ultimate Challenge

2017 — Grants Pass, OR/US

Welcome to the Logan Will Ultimate Challenge tournament hosted by Grants Pass and North Valley on Feb 17-18, 2017.

Tabroom.com: After the experiment with electronic ballots at Ashland's tournament, we will likely try to use them as well for Logan Will. Please help your judges set-up tabroom accounts and bring smart devices with chargers. Students will tabroom.com accounts should receive notifrications about postings throughout the tournament as well.

Topics: In order to better prepare our speakers for the National Qualifiers, we will use the MARCH topics for all events. I will post those topics here once they have been announced.

Entry Rules:

No one may enter more than 1 event per pattern (except those competing in the Ultimate Challenge).

Those wishing to compete in Informative Speaking may do so in Expository Speaking with no penalties.

Extemp competitors may participate in a Debate or Pattern A event, but need to be aware that prep will start 30 minutes before the start of Pattern B. They may need to leave a previous round early.

UC’s must have at least 5 events but may have up to 7. All UC registrations must meet the following:

  1. A memorized Interp (HI, DI, Duo)
  2. A memorized Original Speech (Expos/Inform or Oratory)
  3. Debate (No Big Questions)
  4. Impromptu
  5. Any additional events (NOT extemp or Big Questions debate), but at least 2 and not more than 3 events in 1 pattern.

School entry in the Ultimate Challenge is limited to 3 lunatics.

Ultimate Challenger Code Names already received:

  • Marist: Unknown, Upside, Undertaker



Debate: Parli, Public Forum and LD

Pattern A: Prose, Radio, Poetry, Impromptu, Duo, Extemp Prep

Pattern B: ADS, Expos, Extemp, D.I., H.I., Oratory, P.O.I., Big Question



3:45     Registration and Ultimate Challengers’ Meeting

4:00     Debate Round 1

5:30     Debate Round 2

7:00     Round 1 – A


7:45     Judges’ Briefing

7:45     Extemp Draw

8:15     Round 1 – B

9:30     Round 2 – A

10:45   Debate Round 3

12:00   Round 2 – B (extemp draw at 11:45 or ASAP)

1:15     Round 3 – A

2:30     Debate Round 4 (possible hidden semi-finals, extemp draw at 3:30 or ASAP)

3:45     Round 3 – B

5:00     Debate Finals

6:00     IE Semi-finals in Impromptu, Prose, Poetry, Radio (possibly others if warranted)

7:00     Finals: IE’s without Semi-finals (extemp draw at 6:45 or ASAP)

8:15     Finals: IE’s with Semi-finals

9:30     Awards (or ASAP) – in the commons