Angel on My Shoulder

2016 — Broken Arrow, OK/US

Welcome to the Tulsa "Angel on my Shoulder" Tournament.

This is a special novice tournament where novice debaters will have access to an angel, or varsity teammate, to help them through the debate.  This is an excellent opportunity for your brand new debaters to learn and be comfortable that they have training wheels to help them along.  This tournament will offer Policy, Lincoln Douglas, and Public Forum.  Please read the invitation for more details.

As there is not place on tabroom for entering angels, please email your list of angels.  Please also let us know if you have extra angels available or are in need of angels.  We would like to ensure that each debater has someone helping them.

*Please note: the invitation has changed.  The three evidence packets we are restricting policy debate to include the NSDA packet, NAUDL packet, and TDL packet.  If you need any of these, please email me.