Washington Warrior Invitational

2016 — Sioux Falls, SD/US

Dear Coach:

You and your students are invited to attend the 

35th Annual Warrior Individual Events Invitational on Friday November 4th, 2016.

The schedule has changed some, however, note a few things:

1. We are keeping with THREE ROUNDS this year - this helped us have awards done by 9:15 instead of 10:15 - which is really nice!

2. START TIME IS AT 3:30 FOR ROUND 1! Please check the schedule!!

3. Roosevelt High School will once again be running the debate portion of the weekend. Please talk with Luke Cumbee if you have any questions - you can e-mail him at Luke.Cumbee@k12.sd.us 

4. Hotels - There are a variety of hotels to choose from, however, some of the closer hotels include:

Super 8 - Sioux Falls; 2616 E. 10th Street, Sioux Falls, SD; 605-338-8881

Budget Host Inn, 2620 East 10th Street, Sioux Falls, SD; 605-336-1550

Days Inn Sioux Falls Airport; 5001 N. Cliff Ave, Sioux Falls, SD; 605-331-5959

Super 8 Airport I-90; 4808 North Cliff Ave, Sioux Falls, SD; 605-339-9212

5. There are two NEW events offered: Informative Speaking and Program Oral Interp. Please see the additional pages for information about those events.

We again are offering THREE novice interp events:

Novice Duo Interp, Novice Humorous Interp and Novice Dramatic Interp (can be prose or plays). This is open to any 1st year interp participants.

Schools may hire individual events  judges at a price of $60.00 per judge.

Registration will remain open until Wednesday November 2nd at 5:00 p.m.  Fee sheets will be run at this time. I will re-open the registration for changes starting on Thursday and will leave it open until 5:00 p.m. If you have any changes, please make them on the website. After that time, if you have any changes, please e-mail or text me those changes.

Warrior Invitational Registration


Should you have any questions or changes after registration closes, please contact:

Travis at WHS
     (605) 367-7970 (school)      
(605) 201-2437 (cell)          

We look forward to seeing you on November 4th! 


Travis Dahle, Eric Uecker, Eric Hanson & Zach Pogany