Shawnee Heights HS The Great Debate Invitational

2016 — Topeka, KS/US

Shawnee Heights Invitational

November 4-5, 2016 



Reserve your entry slots on

Initial Registration must be completed by 4:00 PM, Wednesday, October 26th.  Registrations posted after this initial deadline will be considered, but NOT guaranteed.

You are allowed to enter up to 4 teams, across all three divisions.

Either enter names of debaters/teams, or "TBA" to save a slot.

Final names are due no later than 4:00 PM, Monday, October 31st.    If you do not provide names by October 31st, your TBA entries will be removed from the entry list.

All entries will initially be “wait listed”.  We will examine entries on a daily basis, and accept/send you an email as teams are accepted.  Our goal is to accept 4 teams per school, and give extra teams as space is available.

If you offer extra teams to Shawnee Heights during your tournament, you may enter up to 2 additional teams.  We will work diligently to insure that you can bring these 2 extra teams.

We have rooms for a maximum of 90 total teams, across all divisions.

Thank you for your consideration of entering this year’s "The Great Debates" at Shawnee Heights High School.