Moore High Schools 6th Annual

2015 — OK/US – We are going to *try* to tab all the debate events on; all IEs will be done on paper like normal. You will not be able to see your IE entries on this site ONLY your debate entries.  If your judges would like to receive emails/texts when they have a ballot, encourage them to sign-up with We are going to test using some of the online features for Tabroom in addition to the ballot table for the judges that don’t signed up.

You will receive a confirmation of entries/Entry totals like normal on Wednesday or Thursday.  In addition to the information here.


Moore High School’s Hitchhikers Guide to Forensics


We would like to invite you to the 6th annual Hitchhikers Guide to Forensics Tournament at Moore High School. Please read this invitation carefully, because our tournament differs from other tournaments you may have attended.

ENTRY PROCEDURES: Entries should ONLY be e-mailed by Monday, November 2nd, 2015 by 4:00 p.m. Please refer to the OSSAA manual about late entries and add/drop fees for the tournament. My Email address is, for those that wish to be thorough, you may also CC: In case of an emergency (you’ve lost your towel) please contact me @ 405-816-7087.


JUDGES: All judges and qualifications are due Wednesday, November 4th, before 4:00 p.m. A school must provide coaches as well as people who meet the qualifications for judging to serve as a judge for the following: One (1) IE Judge per twelve (12) individual event entries One (1) LD Judge per four (4) LD debate entries One (1) CX Judge per two (2) CX debate entries One (1) PFD Judge per four (4) PFD entries High School Drama and debate students may judge novice provided they meet the NFL criteria for judging Novice or provided they meet your already rigorous criteria to judge. Failure to provide judges will result in an additional flat fee (see OSSAA book for amounts). IF you can’t find enough adequate judges to cover your entry please consider hiring judges to fulfill your obligation. I would much rather have your judges than have to assess fees. I will have a semi-finals for all IEs with 28 or more entered, so it’s incredibly important to fulfill your judging obligation. I.E. DROPS AND ADDS: Entry fees will be assessed as of Monday, at 4:00 p.m. We will follow OSSAA rules and guidelines, which means we will be charging for late adds as well.

NOVICE DIVISION: In order to encourage more middle school participation and an easier transition for some of our older students, a novice division will be offered for all events. This division, however, will have a different fee structure than qualifying. If this is a problem, you may consider an alternative entry. For Novice Debate, you may enter your upper classmen into this event. A novice shall be considered as a student who has had less than one year of competition experience in any of Moore High School’s Hitchhikers Guide to Forensics the three debate events, or is not yet in 9th grade and must go into novice. If you have a student who you are unsure what division they belong in, e-mail me. Novice Policy - In order to help facilitate a transition to qualifying, debate students can run Counter-Plans at this tournament but we ask that they do not run Kritiks on the negative and Affirmative’s must defend a Plan Text. Disclosure of Novice Affirmative(s) and Advantage Area(s) is required upon entry. This information will be distributed by Tuesday (I hope).

Prices for HGTF: In Novice the following entry fees will be used:

Individual Events - $4.00

Duets - $8.00

Lincoln-Douglas Debate - $6.00

Policy Debate - $12.00

PFD - $12.00 Schedule

Moore will continue to offer 4 preliminary rounds in all debate events Friday night. We will also continue to break all 3-1s, so we expect all judges in all divisions to be available at 8am on Saturday morning. A Saturday schedule will be released on Wednesday November 4th after I have the numbers mostly established. We will also break to a semi-finals in any IE with 28 or more entries.

SCHOOL RULES: 1.) NO SMOKING in the building or anywhere on our campus at all by anyone!! WE MUST DISQUALIFY ANY STUDENT SMOKING ON OUR CAMPUS. 2.) No food or drinks in the classrooms. 3) STUDENTS SHOULD NOT ENTER A CLASSROOM UNTIL A JUDGE ARRIVES. 4) Students ARE NOT admitted to any room not being used for the tournament.