Union Forensic Society Invitational

2016 — OK/US

Welcome to the 4th Annual Union Forensic Society Invitational,

Thank you for choosing to attend our tournament this year.  

If you are familiar with tabroom.com, please skip to number 5.

If you are new to tabroom, please follow these simple instructions:

1) You will need to have a tabroom.com account in order to register for the tournament.  Please click the link in the top right and follow the directions.

2) Now that you have an account and have logged in, you can click on your email in the top right.  This will take you to a menu where you can enter your students and judges.

3) You are ready to enter the tournament.  Click "Register" on the top of the right hand menu.  This will take you to a menu where you can add entries and judges to the tournament.

4) For entries, click the appropriate event, then click "Add Entry" on the right hand menu.  From there you can select your student(s) for the event.

5) For judges, place each judge into the one category that fits them best.  High school students go into a 'novice' category and adults into a 'varsity' category.  Judges are also sorted by CX, LF/PF, and speech.  Debate judges who are available Saturday may also count as speech judges for invoicing purposes, but they should only be entered in the appropriate debate category.

6) Unfortunately, the method tabroom uses for scheduling part time judges can complicate other parts of the tournament.  So, if any of your judges are part time (not available the entire tournament), please type out the limitation under "Qualification History" for that judge.

7) Speaking of judges, if your judges create a tabroom.com account and link their account to thier judge entry, then they will recieve a text message when they have a ballot.


That should get everyone started.  If you encounter a problem, shoot me an email by clicking on my name to the right.


Christian Jones

Director of Forensics

Union Public Schools