The Delores Taylor Arthur School Invitational

2024 — NSDA Campus, LA/US

Dear Director of Forensics, Coaches, and Students,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, President and CEO Byron Arthur, and the faculty and staff, it is my pleasure to invite you to The Delores Taylor Arthur School Invitational to be held Saturday, October 12, to Monday, October 14, 2024. The tournament will feature varsity and novice divisions in Policy and Lincoln-Douglas Debate, and open divisions in World Schools and Public Forum Debate.

Our school is the only open enrollment school in the New Orleans metropolitan area with a male-focused mission. Our institution takes pride in its focus on debate, deliberation, and dialogue as core pillars of our curriculum. As such, we value providing a high-quality competitive experience.

The tournament will be held exclusively online through NSDA Campus. We believe this competition venue allows us to provide the best platform for a meaningful experience for your team. Significant attention will be paid to ensuring participants’ health and wellbeing are cared for during the event.

We are pleased to share that our tournament will offer bids to the Tournament of Champions, hosted by the University of Kentucky. Finalists in Policy, Lincoln-Douglas, and Public Forum Debate will earn bids to the 2025 Tournament of Champions. For Public Forum, finals is a gold bid and semifinals is a silver bid.

You can find relevant information about the tournament in our tournament invitation and on this tabroom page. If you need assistance or have any questions, please email

Blake Ziegler
Tournament Director