4th Kansas City Invitational TOC and NIETOC Qualifier

2024 — Kansas City, MO/US

Hello all!

Short version for now:

  1. Fully In-person.
  2. The goal is to finish in 2 days. Fri/Sat Only. We could imagine a world where LD entries are large enough that we feel obligated to host the last few remaining elims on Sunday to comply with TOC norms due to the TOC bid in that division. We will announce that with plenty of notice.
  3. No Debate/IE Cross-over. 5 Prelims Debate, 3 in Speech. Appropriate elims based on numbers. If room availability allows, we will NOT put speech into Patterns. If we are forced to do so due to room restrictions, we will move to using two patterns for Speech to accommodate as many entries as possible.
  4. Flighting in LD and PF.
  5. N/JV/V offered in debate. Single division of IE's. Novice Breakout flag in IE's. If high numbers of entries exist in the V debate and IE divisions, we might have to limit N and JV debates due to the size of the building.
  6. Small judge burden. 1 in IE's, 1 for debate. Thats a max. Only if you have entries in each. Ex Debate only? = No IE judge required and vice versa. Please recruit qualified judges.

Thank you for considering us!

The Host Committee

Parker Hopkins, The Pembroke Hill School

Carl Stafford, University Academy

Dr. Eric Morris, Missouri State University

Please contact us with questions at