OSAA District 1 and 2

2024 — McMinnville, OR/US
SPE-1/2 Speech District 1/2
Catlin Gabel(3A)
Forest Grove(6A)
Riverside, WLWV(3A)

District 1-2 State Qualifier Tournament

March 9, 2024

Hosted by McMinnville High School

Hello everyone! After looking closely at numbers and individual competitor conflicts, Debbie and I have come up with the following schedule. This schedule does have some challenges, however provides the least amount of conflicts possible. Regarding the unavoidable conflicts, we will have to adjust accordingly to make it all work. We can do it.

Pattern A- Parli, OO, POE, POI, Prose, Radio


Events that as of 2/28 we probably do not have to run, but as the deadline for entries is 3/4/24, we may have to adjust- DI, HI, LD, CX, PF (if we need HI/DI, i will add them to pattern A, unless a lack of judges forces them into B)

7:30 am- registration

8:00am- Pattern A round 1

9:15am- Pattern B round 1

10:15am- Pattern A round 2

11: 30am- Pattern B round 2 (a bit of extra time after this round added so kids can eat and hydrate)

1:00pm IE’s we need finals for, and round 3 Parli

2pm- possible Parli round four.

At this point we need to have a rolling schedule… awards will be asap when PARLI is finished, parli could be done or need another round… It's all about w/l records.

Judges- sign them up on tabroom and BRING THEM, we need about 15 clean judges a round to make it work. Coaches- plan on judging

PLEASE BRING A COMPUTER OR DEVICE that has your working tabroom account, all ballots are electronic.

Food- TBD

Please use the main doors to the building.

Kids will chill in the Den, just like last year

Judges and Coaches will be library dwellers.

Tab will be the Speech room, which is A126 right off the library