Walled Lake Western Warrior Tournament

2024 — Walled Lake, MI/US

Welcome to the 19th Annual Walled Lake Western Warrior Tournament!

WLW will be using electronic devices and Tabroom to critique and judge. We ask that judges bring a device as we have VERY few Chromebooks to lend out.

March 16, 2024

Events: All MIFA events, including 9/10 Informative and 9/10 Duo, will be offered.

There will be no general meeting for students on Saturday morning. Please share this prerecorded general meeting with your students to watch prior to the tournament:

Impromptu: Paradoxes

Extemporaneous: Domestic, International, Economics, Potpourri

Duo Commentary Themes: American Idiom (Each round's prompts will be based off of a different idiom). When Pigs Fly, Less is More, The Ball is in Your Court, Jump on the Bandwagon, Cutting Corners.

COVID Protocol: WLW forensics is committed to ensuring your safety. At this time, masks are NOT required to be worn while in Western High School. However, we ask that you be respectful to visitors, parents, coaches, judges, and student competitors who may choose to wear a mask.

Parking: WLW is currently under construction, and parking is ONLY AVAILABLE in the south parking lot (the lot closest to Pontiac Trail).

Judges: You must supply one qualified judge for each 5 individuals or fraction thereof. Duo, Duo Commentary, and Multiple count as two contestants. A qualified judge is one that is a high school graduate with at least two years experience in competition and who knows how to fill out a ballot and give educational critiques. You do not have to be certified to judge at this tournament. Teams whose judges fail to show up for rounds will be charged a $25.00 missed round fee to be collected on the day of the tournament.

I will have a few judges available for hire at the cost of $125 for the day. Please let me know that you need to hire a judge as soon as possible so that I can secure these judges for you.

Food: There will be NO TIME to leave the building to eat. We will supply a nutritious and relatively tasty assortment of food. We will have breakfast foods before the first round, lunch during the day and goodies. All proceeds from food sales will go to WLW’s forensics team’s budget so that we can attend tournaments. So, THANKS for your support!

Big B Coffee will be running a concessions stand for student competitors and guests. Big B will also provide complimentary coffee to our judges in the judge's lounge.

Fees: There is a base registration fee of $10 per school. The basic fee will be $10.00 per individual entry. Duos and Duo Commentaries are $20.00, and Multiples will be $25.00 each. Drop and Add fees will be $10.00 per drop or add after the registration deadline date.

Thus, a person that you originally registered in Prose who then drops from Prose and adds to Poetry on the day of the tournament will cost you the original registration fee of $10.00 plus the $10.00 drop fee and then an additional $10.00 add fee. Adds will only be allowed if they fit within the schematic structure.

The expection is that each team (school) will be paid in full prior to the start of the tournament. If there is an issue with payment, please communicate that to the director prior to the tournament.

Payment Options:


Venmo: @Douglas-Bevier (sideways picture of my dog)

Registration: @ Tabroom.com. Deadline for entry is Wednesday, March 13, 6:00 pm. All fees and judge commitments will be frozen at this time. If you have questions, please email me at douglasbevier@wlcsd.org or call me on my cell at 248.505.5765.

Parking: Parking is available in the South lot (first entrance).


From I-96 Eastbound or Westbound, I-275, or I-696:

Take I-96 exit 160 to North Bound Beck

The school is about 2 miles North on the East side of the road just past Pontiac Trail.

WLW Address: 600 Beck Rd. Walled Lake, 48390


7:15-8:00 Registration outside Tab

8:15 Broadcast, Duo Commentary, and Extemp prep in the Library

8:20:Judge's Meeting and General Meeting in the auditorium

8:45 Round I

10:15 Round II

11:30 Round III

12:30 Lunch in the Cafeteria

1:30 Semifinals

3:15 Finals

5:30 Awards in Auditorium