D3 District Debate

2024 — Boise, ID/US

District Debate for Newer Coaches (and reminders for veteran coaches)

When is Districts this year?

Districts is the last weekend of February. February 23-24

What topics will be used at Districts?

Districts will use the February Topics in all debate events. Congress will use the Spring Legislation Packet.

What is this tournament used for?

This tournament determines which students are eligible to compete at State Debate.

Who can compete?

Any student who is IHSAA eligible and debating for an approved IHSAA school may compete at districts. However, schools may only enter 16 total entries with no more than 8 entries in any one event.

Schools may designate alternates to fill events beyond these limits in order to eliminate Bye Rounds during the tournament. Bye rounds will be filled first by schools with full entries (16 total entries) and a designated Alternate. Then by schools with a full entry (8 entries) in the required event and a designated alternate. Then, by any school with a designated alternate. Then by any school who can find an alternate. There will be no alternates in Congressional Debate.

Who qualifies for state?

In each event the top 1/3 of competitors (rounded to the nearest whole even number)

What is the schedule?

At our fall meeting we decided to try and hold 6 prelim rounds over 2 days. 2 rounds on Friday and 4 rounds on Saturday.

How is this tournament different than other invitational tournaments?

This tournament is different in a number of ways. First, it is a seeded tournament. This means that all competitors will be seeded as either a 1 seed or a 2 seed. Half of your entry is considered a “1 seed” half is considered a “2 seed” In the case of an odd number a seed position will be randomly chosen. For example, if you have 6 entries in LD; 3 would be 1 seeds and 3 would be 2 seeds. If you have 5 entries in LD, 2 would be 1 seeds, 2 would be 2 seeds and 1 would have their seeding randomly determined.

The tournament is paired ahead of time and 1 seeds will always debate against 2 seeds. This is done to help ensure that the top debaters from our area represent our district at state and to help increase representation of schools.

What paperwork do I need to do?

There are 2 VERY important pieces of paperwork.

1. Principal Verification Form- This is a form signed by your principal which details the tournaments you attended and that your debaters will properly represent your school.

2. School Entry Form- This is your seeding paperwork which details which of your entries should be designated a 1 seed and which should be designated a 2 seed. Tabroom doesn’t allow for this designation so it must be made on this paperwork.

Both of these forms can be found on Tabroom.com.

Remember also that you and at least one of your judges MUST be certified to judge at state. It is important to get these judges certified as soon as possible. Remember also that judges at state must have graduated in 2022 or earlier. All head coaches must take the certification test.