Horace Debate Tournament

2024 — Horace, ND/US

Hello coaches:

You and your team are invited to our third annual debate tournament to be held at West Fargo Horace High School on Saturday, Jan. 27, 2023. Invite your friends. Divisions I and II of Lincoln Douglas and Public Forum will be offered. Standard time limits will be followed as per the NDHSAA debate rulebook-3 minute summary for PF. Public-Forum and Lincoln Douglas will debate the Sept/ Oct topics as listed on speechanddebate.org.We are planning to offer 4 rounds in each division except in PF1 where 5 rounds have been requested.

PLEASE REGISTER AT http://horacedebate.tabroom.com

If issues with Tabroom come up, you may also email your registration to me at namberg@west-fargo.k12.nd.us

Judging Requirements: Teams will need to provide judges to cover their debate entries. One judge will be able to cover 1- 3 debaters in Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum. The standard is a judge for 2 entries. If teams are out of line with providing judges, we will ask them to trim entries. We want to provide a quality experience for both students and judges, and that means running a timely tournament.

Judges will be scheduled to judge a variety of levels and types of debate. If the judges you list are only able to judge division II, please indicate this on the registration form. PLEASE NOTE ANY SCHOOL CONFLICTS OR INDIVIDUAL DEBATER CONFLICTS FOR JUDGES. I don’t really have a pool of debate judges to pull from yet, but I will try to find some so a number of judges can be available for hire from the tournament. Please do your best to provide enough judges to cover your entries. The rate for hired judges is $85.00.

Registration Costs:
15.00 per PF team; 10.00 per LD debater; Hired Judges 85.00 per judge

Registration is due by 8 pm on Monday, Jan. 22. You may make changes without penalty until Tuesday, Jan. 23 at 5 PM. After that time, you will be expected to pay for any registrations or judges you had requested.

A schedule will be sent out as soon as we know how many rounds we need to offer based off of the judge pool.

PLEASE NOTE THIS HAS CHANGED: Registration begins at 8:00; Judge Meeting at 8:15 and Rounds will begin at 8:30. Please text any changes the day of the tournament to Nathan Amberg at 701-690-3658. Please plan to arrive no later than 8:00 AM so rounds can begin on time. It is important that you send changes ASAP when you know them. Making changes at 8:00 am is far easier than making changes at 8:30 am.

Food Options:
Concessions will be offered. We plan to have breakfast options available. Judges and coaches will be fed, watered, and caffeinated. If food is something that motivates your judges, you can guarantee them they will be well fed here. We will work to offer vegan and gluten free options.

The Horace Coaching Staff: Emily Klusman, Katie Bolstad, and Nathan Amberg

This will be our third experience running a debate tournament. Gayle will be helping us make sure Tabroom stays friendly. Please have patience with us as we continue to undergo this experience called debate. We will likely have blunders, but we promise we will do our best to continue to learn and grow from the experience.