3rd Big Tent Online

2024 — Online, US

Hello! Your team is cordially invited to the 3rd annual Big Tent Online tournament to be hosted online on December 6th, 7th, and 8th.

This is a FREE tournament!

The goal of this tournament is to provide a high-quality and FREE online tournament where all college debate programs have a chance to compete (and hopefully explore each other’s events)!

Registration is open for Varsity, Junior-Varsity, and Novice divisions of the following debate events:

British Parliamentary, CARD, Public Forum, IPDA, NDT/CEDA, NFA-LD, NPDA/NPTE, TIPDA, APDA and NEDA.

Please take a moment and go to the tournament link (http://bto.tabroom.com) to register for TBA entries to show your interest in attending.

Please direct any questions to the tournament host committee email address rather than an individual so that you will get the quickest response!

LAST YEAR's Schedule - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GMoEPq79g78-Qc6aBNkrEfRFQ2nuqVCscvZHEOVl7ck/edit?usp=sharing

LAST YEAR's Full Invite - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hlieE8LIAC5IyPsZlXNdhUa4rZSGRTPITKnpCqjR0QU/edit?usp=sharing

Updated versions for Fall 2024 will be posted sometime during summer 2024.

Eric Morris, Nathan Rothenbaum, Kristen Stout, and Parker Hopkins


P.S. The overarching goal of the Big Tent Online is to promote friendly relations between various college debate subcommunities. To that end, please ensure all of your participants prioritize making rounds as welcoming as possible to any newcomers to your sub-community.

ALSO, We are looking for individuals to help in tab/judge checking.

Due to the unique nature of the tournament - 1 judge pool across MANY events etc, we have a core group assigning judges for each format, but having a designated individual(s) for/from each format to check on each of the judges from that format would be helpful! Here is where we need help as of now. We will update this as volunteers emerge! The more the merrier, especially

NDT/CEDA - V Keenan

CARD - Travis Cram





BP -



IE's? - We have yet to offer IE's but if you feel as though there could be strong demand we would love to hear about it!