The Trojan War

2024 — Rigby, ID/US

Dear Coaches and Competitors,

The Rigby High School speech and debate team cordially invites you to attend the Trojan War Speech and Debate Class on February 2nd-3rd 2024.

Events & Divisions

We will be offering open and novice divisions of LD and Public Forum. And an open division of Policy Debate and Congressional Debate. Novice division are limited to competitors who are in their first academic year of competition. We encourage you to move novice that have been successful into the varsity division to get that extra practice before National Qualifiers and Districts.

We are also offering the following speech events: Impromptu, Informative, Original Oratory, Sales Speaking, After Dinner Speaking, Duo Interp, Humorous interp, Dramatic Interp, Extemporaneous, Radio, Communication Analysis, Panel Discussion, Program Oral Interpretation, and Retold. Any event with less than 15 entries is subject to being dropped at the hosts discretion. Students will be able to double enter in two (2) speech events excluding those who double enter in two draw events, or panel and a draw event.

Fees information can be found under individual event registration. All deadlines, drop fees, and nuisance fees will be enforced after the deadline. The guidelines set out by the Idaho H.S. Activities Association, including the Idaho Debate Code, will be utilized to establish a standard of competition and evaluation.

Congress Docket

Please email all congress legislation submissions to by January 11th at 8 PM. The docket will be released on January 12th. You must get a confirmation email from me saying I have received your legislation. If you do not receive a confirmation email please send the legislation again. The docket order will be determined in round prior to session 1. Students must propose a full docket order

Duo Retold

Rigby is pleased to offer the event of Duo Retold. This event combines the rules from both retold story and duo interpretation. The rules for the event can be found below.

Time: 6 min. maximum Time signals: provided

Stories will be selected/prepared in draw room. Contestants will select a story from a group of three elementary level books provided by the tournament and in 30 minutes, be prepared to retell the story as if they are presenting in front of an elementary-age audience. The story shall follow the basic storyline of the book being retold. The story shall be retold without notes, but must not be memorized. The same book may be presented only once. Each of the two performers may play one or more characters so long as performance responsibility remains as balanced as possible. Focus may be direct (performers may make eye contact with each other and/or touch each other) during the introduction, but must be indirect (no eye contact with each other and/or touching each other) during the performance itself. Retold Event Procedure: Contestants will enter the round in staggered intervals and will hand the selected book to the judge before starting his/her presentation. Note: The judge will return books to the tab room after each round, but will not read each book while contestant is retelling the story.

Judge Requirements

Each school must provide one (1) judge for every two (2) policy teams or portion thereof, one (1) judge for every four (4)Lincoln-Douglas, and Public Forum teams or portion thereof and one (1) judge for every five (5) speech entries or portion thereof, and one judge for every Eight (8) congress entries or portion thereof.

No Show Policy

Do not enter judges unless you con confirm they will be at the tournament. No Show Judges will be fined $25 per round. Judge fees will be enforced.

Entering the tournament signifies agreement and understanding of these policies.