ThunderVille Joust

2024 — Idaho Falls, ID/US

The 2024 ThunderVille Joust Invitational & Idaho Falls Food Basket Canned Food Drive

We will again be doing a canned food drive competition to help fill the Idaho Falls Food Basket to assist needy families. After Christmas, food banks sometimes have difficulty getting new donations, and this is an opportunity for Idaho Speech & Debate to perform a valuable service. We have trophies for the teams that bring the most canned food: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards. Please encourage each member of your team to bring at least 1-5 cans of food.

This tournament will take place on January 12th and 13th at Thunder Ridge High School. Tournament registration will close on January 11th at 4:00 PM.

The Thunderville Joust will offer Novice and Varsity divisions of:
Lincoln Douglas
Public Forum

Varsity/Open only:

We will be doing the January Public Forum topic and the January-February Lincoln Douglas topics.

Speech will have 3 preliminary rounds and a final round. This tournament will offer all Idaho State speech events and SPAR.

There will be a fun rule change for Dramatic Interpretation (DI), Duo Interpretation (DUO), and Humorous Interpretation (HI). You may use original scripts! This means you may craft your own script, or alter an existing one to your taste. In your intros please indicate the author, as you normally would. Using an original script is optional, you may also use a regular script.

Congress Docket: Please submit bills, no more than 2 per school, to
Please have this done before January 6th, 2024. The docket will go out January 8th, 2024. Please make sure the formatting is correct for each bill (bill templates are available If we don't get enough bills we will draw from the Rim2Rim, Madison Invitational, and/or the NSDA December-January Dockets.

Speech events offered:
Informative Speaking
Humorous Interpretation
Dramatic Interpretation
Duo Interpretation
Original Oratory
Program Oral Interpretation
After Dinner Speaking
Communication Analysis
Retold Story
Extemporaneous Speaking
Spontaneous Argumentation (SPAR)

Double entry is permitted. Do not enter students into a draw event and Panel. Do not enter students into two draw events.

Each school may bring a maximum of 16 debate (NPF, OPF, NLD, OLD, OCX), non-Congress entries. Each Lincoln Douglas count as one entry and each Policy and Public Forum team counts as one entry. Schools may not enter more than 8 entries into any single division (without management permission; they will be waitlisted). Schools may enter 8 students in each speech event. However, we will attempt to fit everyone in that would like to compete, wherever possible.

PANEL topics:

1. Is Chat GPT and AI killing creativity?
2. Should the US provide free internet access to everyone?
3. How can a person be ethical and wealthy in today's world?
4. How can schools better support the mental health of their students and teachers?

Concessions will be offered.

Thank you,

Robert Clayton, Bonneville
Brian Brock, Thunder Ridge