Idaho State Drama

2023 — Pocatello, ID/US

You and your students are cordially invited to attend the Idaho State Drama competition Friday-Saturday, December 1-2, 2023. We hope it will be a positive experience for students and coaches. Please contact Dana Facer if you have any problems with registration at

Directions for Registration:

The deadline for registration is Tuesday, November 21 at 11 pm

Please meet the deadline as the site will not be re-opened for late registration. Any corrections or drops after the deadline need to be emailed to Julie Hammons.

The Tab Room website allows you to enter your student roster, then enter students for each event.

When you are logged into Tabroom:

- Click on your email address at the top right of the screen (if it’s not already chosen)

-Enter all you students as competitors

Click the ‘Competitors’ tab in the middle of the screen

At the right of your screen under ‘competitor roster’ click ‘add a new student’

Enter student names--the rest of it is up to you

- Click the ‘judges’ tab in the middle of your screen-all judges must have a Tabroom account and they must be entered when you register or they will not judge.

Enter judge name, email, phone number--contact info is imperative

- Click the ‘circuit’ tab in the middle of your screen

Select Idaho and ‘join’

- Click the ‘settings’ tab to update your school information

- Click the ‘access’ tab to update who has access to your account.

- Note--the NSDA and Results tabs are irrelevant at this time

- LAST--click the ‘tournament’ tab

Scroll to find the ‘Idaho State Drama’ tournament

Click the blue tab labeled ‘entries’

Click the new ‘entries’ tab in the middle of your screen

On the right hand side of your screen under ‘add entry to’ select the pull down menu and choose an event to enter students

Scroll down to ‘add entry’

For ensemble and solo events, click on the event; you will then be given the opportunity to enter the name of your piece and select the names of your students who will be performing. The program will not allow you to enter more than four per category.

Remember, you can bring a maximum of ten technical entries--any combination, but not more than four per category.


All judges and coaches are required to re-certify every year.

- The Idaho High School Activities Association requires all participating schools to bring one certified coach and one certified judge. The coach does not count as the judge.

- The judge certification clinic is required and will be offered by coaches at different times around the region.

No Shows should be reported to the tab table immediately.

Principal’s Approval Form

Your principal must approve the material your students are performing at the competition. Please return your signed principal’s approval form to your district manager before competition. You can find this form at


According to state regulations, students will not be allowed to participate if this form is not on file with the district manager.

Additionally, you will need to have print or digital scripts available to provide upon request of the tournament management. If there are questions about a script and you don't have it, students could be disqualified.


You can find a complete list of competition rules at