Cibola Winter Classic

2023 — Albuquerque, NM/US

Cibola High School Winter Classic 2023

December 2nd, 2023

Cibola High School

1510 Ellison Dr. NW

Albuquerque, N.M. 87114

Cibola High School is honored to invite you to the 1st annual Cibola Winter Classic which will be held in person at Cibola High School. Registration is online at

When: December 02, 2023

Where: Cibola High School

Registration Deadline: November 27th, 2023

Entry Fees: $8 per event

Please make checks payable to Cibola High School with Speech and Debate in the memo line.

Judging Obligation: Each school is required to provide 1 judge per every 4 debate entries and 1 judge per every 4 speech entries. We will have an optional Judge Training Zoom on November 28th, 2023.

Live Events Offered:

United States Extemp

International Extemp

Novice LD

Varsity LD


Novice PF

Public Forum

Humorous Interpretation

Dramatic Interpretation

Duo Interpretation

Informative Speaking

Original Oratory



Topic Areas:

Lincoln Douglas (Novice and Varsity)

Resolved: The United States ought to prohibit the extraction of fossil fuels from federal public lands and waters.

Public Forum

Resolved: The United States federal government should forgive all federal student loan debt.


Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase fiscal redistribution in the United States by adopting a federal jobs guarantee, expanding Social Security, and/or providing a basic income.


USX Round 1: Economy

USX Round 2: Energy and the Environment

USX Round 3: Politics

USX Round 4: Technology

IX Round 1: Middle East

IX Round 2: Africa

IX Round 3: Human Rights

IX Round 4: The United Nations


Round 1: Movie Quotes

Round 2: Cliches

Round 3: Ocean Exploration

Round 4: Winter/Holiday Traditions

Double Entry:

A student may double in various events if they are speech events but may not double enter if one event is a debate event. For example, a student could compete in extemp and oratory but not extemp and public forum.

Determining winners: Speech events: All competitors will compete in four rounds of speech. At the end of the tournament the student with the lowest cumulative rank will place 1st, the second lowest cumulative rank will place 2nd, and so on.

Debate events: Round Robin style, every student will debate 4 times. Flighted rounds will be determined by number of entries and corresponding judges for each round.

This tournament defines novice/varsity as according to the NMSDA Unified manual in order to protect new students.

This tournament will use the rules/guidelines/norms established by the NMSDA Unified manual.

We are looking forward to this tournament and seeing all of you soon!

Cibola High School’s Key Club will also be selling concessions between 10AM and 2PM.

Be sure to bring some cash!

Dion’s Pizza (Cheese and Pepperoni) for $2.00 a slice

Water bottles for $1.00

Pepsi for $2.00

Candy $1.00

Chips $1.50