Harvard Westlake Mid Season Novice Debates

2023 — Los Angeles, CA/US

We are hosting a novice-only LD & Policy tournament on December 9 & 10.

Why? Over the years, the number of opportunities for novice debaters has been decreasing. We wanted to allow novice debaters to compete at a tournament where they will receive all the coaching attention and quality judging.

We would like you to bring experienced judges. We will not allow parents or inexperienced judges to fulfill your school's obligation. Experienced varsity debaters, mature enough to manage a round and give helpful feedback, are welcome to satisfy your judging obligation.

Space permitting, each school will be given a room where teams and their varsity debaters who are judging can use the time to prep for the Jan/Feb topic. (You don't have to do that; just a suggestion that might get your varsity debaters to come to judge).

A limited number of hired judges are available for $75.00/round.

Since this is a way to give novice debaters experience, we will not have elimination rounds as a trade-off with rounds that everyone can participate in.

Competitors must be affiliated with a school. We do not allow independent entries.

Fees & Judging Obligation

Novice LD: $30/entry (2 rounds of judging required for each debater)

Novice Policy: $45/entry (3 rounds of judging required for each team)

Hired Judge: $75/round (Hired judge requests due by 11/17 at 5:00 pm)

Tentative Schedule

Saturday 12/9

10:00am: Round 1

1:00pm: Round 2

4:00pm: Round 3

Sunday 12/10

10:00am: Round 4

1:00pm: Round 5

4:00pm: Round 6